W. Todd Kaneko is not cool enough to be a rock star, not tall enough to be a professional wrestler and not virtuous enough to be a super hero. He is the author of The Dead Wrestler Elegies (Curbside Splendor, 2014) and co-author with Amorak Huey of Poetry: A Writer's Guide and Anthology (Bloomsbury Academic 2018). His poems, essays and stories can be seen in Bellingham Review, Los Angeles Review, Boxcar Poetry Review, Barrelhouse, The Collagist, [PANK], The Normal School, Menacing Hedge, Hobart, Blackbird, The Rumpus, Song of the Owashtanong: Grand Rapids Poetry in the 21st Century, 99 Poems for the 99 Percent, Bring the Noise: The Best Pop Culture Essays from Barrelhouse Magazine and many other journals and anthologies.

He holds degrees from Arizona State University (MFA, Creative Writing) and the University of Washington (BA, English). A recipient of fellowships from Kundiman and the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop, his work has been nominated for Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize. He is currently co-editor of the online literary magazine Waxwing, and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Writing at Grand Valley State University. Originally from Seattle, he currently lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with the writer Caitlin Horrocks.

Write to him at todd [dot] kaneko [at] gmail [dot] com.










AN ANSWER KEY: William • Japanese-American and Chinese-American, Canadian • 69 • Since I was fifteen • I only miss it in Winter • No, I do not speak that language • Only when I am being chased • That isn't done yet • It's when the body falls asleep before the brain • I wasted a lot of it playing video games • Yes, I am allergic to that • No, but I have a tee-ball bat • Pork • The Death Star • Gary Payton • Pork • Motörhead • I always say the Nature Boy Ric Flair, but I'm really thinking Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer • Dodge Neon • Guitar, but really bass guitar • Yes, I know it's fake • Iron Maiden and Twisted Sister when I was in 10th grade • The egg because it does not believe in exclusivity • Exile on Main Street, of course • Son of Gold, or Money Child • No, but I believe in hard work • Yes, but only when I'm playing music • The Hulk because he doesn't follow a code of conduct • Elvis Presley • Birds • It started as a joke, but it became real at some point • Fallout: New Vegas • Yes, and it grows straight out like a weird thistle • I always say Tyrannosaurus Rex, but I'm really thinking Triceratops • Slash, totally • Burger King • Because I am obsessive like that • I bought it on eBay • Orange, at the moment • Telekinesis • The day after Valentine's Day • The Rock • Interrupting cow


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