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You are still here.
There are other places to be, yet here you are. There are other places on the internet, other spaces that are not this space. You have been in a lot of other places, and you are no longer in those places. You could be anywhere, any of a nearly infinite number of other spaces, each of which is a different place than here. One of those places contains a dazzling landscape and a unicorn. Another might contain a game for you to play or a recipe for a mail bomb. Yet another might reveal the telephone number of a beautiful girl
or boy. You would have to be in that other place to know for sure, and you would also have to know where that place is and how to get there. There are poems to write, things to do in other places. You have chosen to be here, and when you choose to leave, you can go some place nicer, because there are plenty of places you have yet to go.

You will know what to do when you get there.

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