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08.16.2016: Thanks to the editors of decomP for publishing four (yeah—four!) new Self-Portrait as Flash Gordon poems in the new issue!

08.12.2016: I'm a big fan of Hobart from way back, so I'm really happy the editors published three heavy metal poems today: "Welcome to the Jungle," "Bang Your Head," and "Runnin' with the Devil."

05.18.2016: In celebration of Melissa Goodrich's book Daughters of Monsters by Jellyfish Highway Press, Entropy has this whole series of monster-related stories online. I'm grateful to have three of my B-Movie flash fictions included in the mix.

05.02.2016: In honor of the passing of Prince, I wrote this poem after his song "Let's Go Crazy." The folks at the Barrelhouse Blog were kind enough to feature it as part of their month-long tribute to him.

05.01.2016: I'm excited to have three of my Metalhead flashes in the new issue of Threadcount. Excited and grateful. Yes.

03.07.2016: Thanks to the editors at New South for featuring two of my Metalhead flashes online today as part of their Micro Prose features! I am grateful and honored to see my work included alongside all the cool work that has been featured during this cool feature on the journal's website these past months.

12.01.2015: I know it's not cool among some circles to be excited about Pushcart nominations, but whatever—I'm grateful and honored that the editors at the Mondegreen like "Metalhead's Last Day of School" from issue #4 enough to nominate it for a Pushcart this year!

12.01.2015: My poem about Mr. Perfect from The Dead Wrestler Elegies appearing in a cool book called Rabbit Ears: TV Poems, an anthology of poems revolving around television. Thanks to the editor Joel Alleghretti for including my work in this exciting volume of poetry.

11.10.2015: Thank you to Lauren Becker and the editors at Corium Magazine for including "Metalhead's Curfew" in the Very Short Fiction section of the Fall 2015 issue.

10.30.2015: Thank you to fiction editor Matt Sailor and everyone at the Mondegreen for including three new flash fictions, "Metalhead's Miracle," "Metalhead's Last Day of School," and Metalhead After the Party"—in issue #4.

10.05.2015: Thanks to Rob Sturma and the crew at FreezeRay Poetry for including this flash fiction of mine, "Metalhead Rock City" in issue 8.

06.15.2015: The new issue of Third Coast is out—thanks to the editors for including my poem "Reading Comprehension 72: Magnitude" inside.

05.23.2015: Here's another review of The Dead Wrestler Elegies at Minotaur's Spotlight—thanks to Michael Salgado for his kind, thoughtful words.

05.21.2015: Thank you so much to Sean L. Corbin for this cool review of The Dead Wrestler Elegies for JMWW!

03.13.2015: Thanks to the editors of New South, who published two new pro-wrestling poems in the new issue—"Gino Hernandez Makes Some Comparisons" and "David Von Erich Explains the Rules."

02.26.2015: I just got my contributor's copy of the new Cream City Review, in which Franklin KR Cline and I talk about pro-wrestling and poetry. Thanks to Franklin and all the editors at the journal.

02.25.2015: Thanks to Rachelle Cruz and The Blood Jet Writing Hour for inviting me on the podcast to talk about poetry, pro-wrestling and Strangler Lewis's headlock machine!

12.13.2014: Two of my B Movie flashes are appearing as part of a small run anthology of flash fictions called Speed Read: Visual Interpretations of Flash Fiction. The book pairs flash fictions with artists, who create art that might be imagined as book covers. Thanks to André Diaz for the amazing artwork. Also, thanks to Miranda Sharp of Glittermilk Gallery and Adam Schuitema for curating and editing this book and including my work.

12.4.2014: The kind folks at Entropy have included The Dead Wrestler Elegies on their list of the best poetry books and collections of 2014. I'm excited to see the book make an end of the year list, and I'm honored to see it appear alongside so many other awesome books by awesome people.

11.24.2014: Thanks to Katie Riegel and the editors of one of my favorite online journals, Sweet: A Literary Confection, for including three of my poems in their new anthology All Of Us—Sweet: the First Five Years. The book celebrates the online journal's five year run from 2008 to 2013. I'm still happy to have been included the first time around, and I'm happy to be included again.

11.18.2014: The official release date of The Dead Wrestler Elegies! My first book is a real thing in the real world! Thanks to my editors and everyone at Curbside Splendor for making this happen! Exclamation point!

11.16.2014: I just got word that my essay "The Manly Arts" (originally appearing in The Normal School 10) got a special mention in the Pushcart Prize XXXIX Anthology.

11.09.2014: Thanks to the editors of Water~Stone Review for publishing my poem "Polaroid of You and Jack Brisco" in the brand new issue 17.

09.02.2014: The new [PANK] is alive and online and it contains five of my Self Portrait as Flash Gordon poems. Hell yeah.

08.26.2014: Cheap Pop is a cool journal that just published "B-Movie," a flash that I wrote for last year's Bruce Lee themed reading (sponsored bu Kundiman and Kaya Press) at AWP Seattle.

08.16.2014: Thanks to Menacing Hedge for nominating my poem "Judy Grable Makes a Living" for Best of the Net 2014!

08.11.2014: The Dead Wrestler Elegies is featured in a Goodreads giveaway created by my publisher, Curbside Splendor. There are ten books available and the giveaway is open from August 11 to September 11.

08.06.2014: The Dead Wrestler Elegies is now available for pre-order at the Curbside Splendor webstore.

08.05.2014: The Asian-American Literary Review has included a folio of six of my poems in their new Summer 2014: Cityscape issue.

08.02.2014: Thanks to the Museum of Americana for nominating my poem "Crusher Blackwell Says There's Something You Should See" for the Best of the Net 2014!

07.23.2014: Three poems from my new sequence Self Portrait as Flash Gordon are online at Cartridge Lit.

07.08.2014: I'm excited to see my poem for pro wrestler Gorilla Monsoon appearing in the new issue of dislocate.

July 2014: This is the launch of my website redesign. No news is good news.

















Want me to be somewhere and read or talk about something? Email me so we can make it happen.

10.05.2016: Reading at WCWB Conference, Grand Rapids Community College, 3:30pm.

09.16.2016: "Books & (Root) Beers"—Reading fundraiser with Bonnie Jo Campbell, Adam Schuitema, and Caitlin Horrocks at Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 6:30-9:30pm.

07.13.2016: Writers Squared with Iliana Rocha at Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 6:30pm.

01.31.2016: Reading at Festival of the Arts in Big Rapids, Michigan. Raven Brewing Company, 3pm.

01.15.2016: Reading to celebrate the Michigan Poet anthology at the Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters in Grand Rapids, 6:30pm.

10.13.2015: Reading with Erika Wurth and Dasha Kelly for the Poetry Foundation's Off the Shelves" reading series in Chicago.

09.12.2015: Reading wth Caitlin Horrocks at the Northern Arizona Book Festival in Flagstaff, Arizona. Orpheum Theatre, 4-5pm.

06.26.2015: Kundiman Reading at Fordham University in New York. 7pm.

06.06.2015: Reading with Monica Ong at Uncharted Books in Chicago. 6pm.

04.15.2015: Reading with Amorak Huey at Ferris State University in Big Rapids. FLITE Library. 7pm.

04.10.2015: Menacing Hedge reading at AWP in Minneapolis. Mason's. 6pm.

04.09.2015: Passages North Happy Hour reading at AWP in Minneapolis. Ryan's Pub. 5:30pm.

03.24.2015: Reading with Caitlin Horrocks at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah.

03.22.2015: Curbside Splendor Book Tour with James Tadd Adcox and Brian Costello with music by Bo White's Don Telling and Kenosha Kid at Snug Harbor in Charlotte, North Carolina, 3pm.

03.21.2015: Curbside Splendor Book Tour with James Tadd Adcox and Brian Costello with Charles Dodd White at Battery Park Book Exchange in Asheville, North Carolina, 7pm.

03.20.2015: Curbside Splendor Book Tour with James Tadd Adcox and Brian Costello with Tasha Cotter and Elizabeth Todd Taddonio at Lostintheletters in Atlanta, Georgia, 8pm.

03.19.2015: Curbside Splendor Book Tour with James Tadd Adcox and Brian Costello with Paul Arrand Rogers at Avid Bookshop in Athens, Georgia, 6pm.

03.18.2015: Curbside Splendor Book Tour with James Tadd Adcox and Brian Costello with Sussannah Felts at The Post East in Nashville, Tennessee, 6pm.

03.08.2015: Kundiman Reading with Monica Ong and Bethany Carlson at Verlaine Bar & Lounge in New York City, 4pm.

03.07.2015: Reading with Monica Ong and Bethany Carlson at Word Up Books in New York City, 4pm.

03.05.2015: Reading at Quimby's in Chicago, Illinois. 7pm.

03.04.2015: Reading with Megan Kirby, Bill Hillman and Chris Bower at Sheffield's Reading Under the Influence in Chicago, Illinois. 7pm.

02.12.2015: Reading at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan, 7:30pm.

01.22.2015: Reading with Beth Peterson at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan. 7:30pm.

01.17.2015: Reading for Poets in Print with Brandon Krieg at Kalamazoo Book Arts Center, Kalamazoo, Michigan. 7pm.

01.08.2015: Reading with my fellow Curbside Splendor author Brian Costello at Guide to Kulchur: Text, Art and News, Cleveland, Ohio. 7pm.

11.23.2014: Reading with G.F. Korreck at Kentwood District Library, Kentwood, Michigan. 2pm.

11.17.2014: Reading at Western State Colorado University, Gunnison, Colorado. 7pm.

11.09.2014: Double Book Release Party for the Dead Wrestler Elegies with Amorak Huey and The Insomniac Circus at Poetry & Pints, Harmony Brewing Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 8pm.

10.24.2014: Reading with BC Edwards at Berl's Poetry Shop, Brooklyn, NYC. 7pm.


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